IKEA Tottenham




This store brief was based around students hence the cliché title “back to uni”.
I considered how higher education seekers organise their life of moving, exams, deadlines and of course, partying!
The main product was the ever so handy FJÄLLA storage box from the 2017 range. After receiving the shopkeepers theme and chosen product I selected various add on products and feature furniture that correspond with the brief, meets and needs of the target audience.

Once the list was composed I moved on to the design process before shortly creating and installing a visually compelling media. Thinking back to university life; movable, multi-purpose furniture was a big help. A flexible lamp is a portable necessity for reading anywhere. A room divider with castors can double up for storage and decoration. I always needed space to clip on photos of memorable nights or hang stuff like impulsive retail purchases or toiletries (so you can get ready in your room). An alarm clock, pint glass and coffee flask need no explanation.

To Uni 

Vitality Media